MCOM 257 Work

This is a compilation of all of my stories from MCOM 257:

The first story is about the huge blizzard from February, 2010. The story includes a slideshow with photos of the storm.

In early February 2010, one of the biggest snowstorms in history hit the area, blanketing the DC Metropolitan area in over two feet of snow. The snowstorm resulted in classes being cancelled for a full week for the students at Towson University.

The second story is about hockey and how it’s gradually becoming more popular in the surrounding D.C. area.

As the Washington Capitals have become a more elite team around the NHL, the team’s fan base has also grown. More people are starting to flock to Verizon Center to watch the boys of winter play a sport that is slowly gaining popularity in the United States. For photos of the team in action, be sure to scroll through the various galleries of the players during practice and games.

The third story is a feature on Kristen Gioffre, the Tower A team leader during Towson’s Relay for Life. The event was held on Mar. 27, 2010.

Relay for Life is an event that raises money for cancer research. Towson hosted the event on Mar. 27, 2010 at the Towson Center. Participants stayed awake for 12 hours to represent the struggle real cancer patients must go through. For freshman Kristen Gioffre, Relay For Life held a more personal meaning because cancer had impacted her life on more than one occassion.

The fourth and final story is about finding the perfect roommate and what makes someone out to be the perfect roommate.

The search for the perfect roommate can be a challenging one. Each person has a different idea of what makes up the perfect roommate. Freshmen Devon Grinnan and Valerie Pickens are the perfect roommates for each other. Their personalities are similar and they get along well. Freshman Adam Bezold, on the other hand, is having to start the roommate search over again when his previous roommates found other people to room with.


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