Blizzard of 2010.

Published in March 2010

By Alena R. Schwarz

One of the largest snowstorms of the 2009-2010 winter struck in early Feb., blanketing Towson University and the entire Washington, DC and Baltimore area in over 20 inches of snow.

The snowstorm has since been nicknamed, “Snowpocalypse 2,” “SnOMG” and “Snowmageddon.” On the first day of snowfall the flakes were like large clumps. It took a couple hours for the snow to start sticking on the ground, but once it did, it began piling up quickly.

In six hours, the stairs by the Glen Complex had turned into a deadly slide. The snow was piled up so high that each step appeared as one. With all the snow, Snowpocalypse 2 was more snow than many people had witnessed.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Tyler Dover, 18, of Glen Tower A. “I’ve never seen this much snow in my life.”

What To Do When There’s No School

With all the snow and with schools closed, students resorted to entertaining themselves in different ways. Grant Friedland, 18, of Glen Tower B, and some of his friends took to snowboarding down the hills outside of Smith Hall. A different group of boarders had come in before them and carved out a path and set up various obstacles, including a rail constructed of plastic road blocks on one of the hills. For Friedland, this was his first time on a board.

“I just rented [the board] and decided to give it a try,” he said. “So far it’s pretty fun.”

As the sun began to peak between the trees the Sunday after Snowpocalypse hit, it was apparent that Towson would not be in session any time soon. The sun streaking through set a gentle glow over the campus. It shone through the gaps between dorm buildings and made the crisp white snow glisten under its gaze. The sun painted the sky with light pinks and yellows before fully coming out and giving the sky its natural clear baby blue color.

When the Snow Stopped Falling

Once Snowpocalypse had officially ended, students could enjoy the snow, with a bit of homework sprinkled in, just in case they ever went back to classes.

“I did homework half the day, then just chilled in the snow,” said Andrew Michaels, 18, of Glen Tower A. “But even then, I ran out so I just ended up playing around.”

More Information

For more information on this historic snowstorm, view the Washington Post’s account. CNN reports on ‘Snowmageddon’. Here is another video on the snowstorm as captured by Nathan Golon and Jordan Gantz.


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