The Search for the Perfect Roommate

Published April 2010

By Alena R. Schwarz

Come April at Towson University, students are faced with the problem of picking a roommate for the following year, and many start to analyze their group of friends and wonder, what makes the perfect roommate?

The Best Friend Roommate

There are many different kinds of roommates. For example, there’s the best friend roommate who acts, as it sounds, like the best friend. The best friend roommate acts as a sort of sister or brother while at college. They’re the person you know for certain you can rely on no matter what happens. An example of the best friend roommate is current roommates Devin Grinnan, 19, and Valerie Pickens, 19.

Grinnan and Pickens didn’t start off the year together, but after they were both placed with people they did not get along with, they somehow managed to room together for second semester. Pickens’ old roommate was moving out second semester and immediately asked Grinnan to live with her for the rest of the year. The two are continuing to room together for the 2010-2011 school year.

“We met in Individualized Fitness by constantly sharing iPods,” Grinnan said.

The roommates’ meeting turned out to be one of the greatest things fate had ever behold on them because they soon found that they were a match made in heaven.

“Our personalities are exactly the same; it’s like we’re the same person,” Grinnan said. “She’s the perfect roommate for me because we know each other, we work well together and we just naturally know how to get along.”

Not only do the two work in similar ways, but like every best friend roommate should, they have each other’s backs and they’re there for them if necessary.

“She deals with my problems all the time and I deal with hers,” Pickens said. “I know I can always count on her to be there for me. We don’t really fight and if we do it’s not that bad and not for very long. I can’t stay mad at her.”

For the two of them, they’re the perfect roommates for each other because they both carry out the necessary factors that they think a perfect roommate should have.

“A perfect roommate is someone who you can talk to and get along together,” Grinnan said.

“Yeah, you have the same personality and it’s someone who’s there for you,” Pickens added.

While Grinnan and Pickens are one of the best examples of perfect roommates, there are other people who are not as fortunate. For instance, Adam Bezold, 18, faces the common problem of having to choose a new roommate.

Finding a New Roommate

At the beginning of the year, Bezold was randomly placed in a triple with two other guys: William Arrington, 19, and Keith Ryan, 18. While Bezold got along fine with the Arrington and Ryan, his other two roommates managed to find new roommates of their own for the 2010, 2011 school year.

This left Bezold with the problem of having to find a new roommate. In his case, nearly all of his other friends already had roommates and so he was forced to find a new roommate completely on his own.

“I went to this find a roommate event to see if I could try to find a new roommate there,” Bezold said. “At the event, there were a couple of guys who came and we all sat around and just started talking and getting to know each other. It was pretty cool ‘cause we were all having the same problem.”

The event turned out to be a success for Bezold because he did end up finding someone to room with for the following school year. Of course for him, he didn’t say it was that hard because he didn’t have very high standards.

“I really just wanted someone I could stand,” he said. “I mean it would be nice if we became friends, but we didn’t have to become best friends.”

The observation Bezold made is one that tends to separate guys and girls. In many cases, it’s probably easier for a guy to find a new roommate because they are not as particular as girls sometimes tend to be.

“I think the problem is that girls just tend to be cleaner,” Bezold said. “Guys are more chill and as long as they can just handle the other person it’s all good.”

For Bezold, he’s also not picky about his perfect roommate. For him, he just wanted someone who was fine with pretty much anything.

“Guys are pretty simple. I’d be happy with anybody who’s cool with anything,” Bezold said. “Like they’re cool with whatever you’re doing and if you’re cool with whatever they’re doing, it’s great.”

More Information

Towson’s housing page gives more information on Towson University housing. The site gives information on those looking for off-campus housing. It also provides a virtual tour so that prospective students can get a look at what some of the dorms look like.


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