Quick Hits 4-8-11

Some interesting quick hits from the past week:

  • First of all, let me take this time to plug myself. I wrote an article last week on the Caps’ three goalie situation. Take a look.
  • The Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg wrote a good article on how Baltimore has started rallying behind the Caps, despite Charm City’s historic hatred of the district’s teams.
  • With the playoffs just around the corner (literally) here’s a playoff guide for Caps fans by Turner Sports Desk. It’s a good read for anyone holding a grudge over last year’s team, or anyone who is a littler nervous going into this year’s playoffs.

Quick Hits 3-10-11

Just a couple quick hits before I get into this week’s Fan’s Guide tip:

First, I wrote an article for the Towerlight about the Caps’ recent acquisitions and how they’re helping the team’s momentum. (Also worth noting, it was one of the articles on this morning’s Caps Clips on Japers’ Rink).

Another notable, it looks as if the Washington Post had the same idea I did. Also worth noting, I got there first.