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Freshmen Sarah Becker and Shannon O’Brocki sit at one of the desks in the center of the Towerlight Office, red pens in hand as they scrutinize the pages before them. They are looking for contextual errors as well as spelling, grammatical and design flaws on the pages.

Becker and O’Brocki are proofreaders for the Towerlight. They are considered to be some of the most important members that make up the staff because while writers are important, proofreaders, or “proofers” for short, are the ones who catch the small errors and make sure that the paper is flawless.

“We have to make sure we read over everything because you never know where the mistakes might be,” Becker said. “Sometimes they’re in actual stories and sometimes they’re in the headline. Those kinds of mistakes are huge catches.”

While the job is very important, the proofers don’t feel too much pressure on them individually.

“It’s not that bad,” O’Brocki said. “There have to be at least three signatures on each page so if I miss a mistake, the chances are fairly high that one of the other guys will catch it. And we usually have about five different proofers in there, so between all of us most of the mistakes are caught. Sometimes they slip through though.”

Another important role on staff is the section editor. Sophomore Jeremy Bauer-Wolf is the Arts and Life editor.

“I get all the fun stories in my section,” Bauer-Wolf said. “My section basically has all the performances at Towson, the different events that go on here as well as most of the columns in the paper.”

As an editor, it is Bauer-Wolf’s job to put his section together and orchestrate the jobs for his staff writers for each issue.

“I’ll usually write at least one story in my section, but I mostly design and put together all the pages and edit the stories my staffers and columnists write,” he said. “Since my section is mostly columnists, I mostly just make sure their stuff is in on time and edit it so it makes sense, reads well and will fit on the pages.”

Not only are there the main sections of the paper, but section editors aren’t relied on to do everything in their sections. For example, there is a special editor who just handles photos.

“It’s nice having Casey [Prather], our photo editor,” Bauer-Wolf said. “He takes care of the photos so I just have to place them. I’m also not very good at judging what a good photo is so he takes care of all that. It makes my job a little easier.”

Once all the pages have been edited and are ready for their final proofing by Editor-In-Chief Daniel Gross, Becker and O’Brocki head over to the photo assignments board where they’ll exchange their red pens for cameras. Both Becker and O’Brocki are more than just proofers. During the other days of the week, they’re photographers.

“There’s always something that we need to do,” Becker said.

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