1. What is the Towerlight?

The Towerlight is Towson’s student-run paper. It is also Baltimore’s no. 1 college paper

2. How many people make up the Towerlight staff?

There are _____ recognized staff members, but there are also more contributing writers that do work for the Towerlight, but are still on a trial basis.

3. How many sections are in the Towerlight?

There are _____ sections in the Towerlight: Opinion, News and Community, Arts and Life, Sports, and the cover story, as well as other little extras such as the weekly calendar, classifides and the ___ pages that features games such as Sudoku.

4. How often is the Towerlight printed?

A new issue comes out every two weeks, on Monday and Thursday.

5. How do I join the Towerlight?

Go to the Towerlight office on the top floor of the University Union and fill out an application. Editors will get back to you if they are interested.

6. Is being on staff time consuming?

It can be. Remember that there are always things going on in the world and so there is always something to be covered. But if you’re just looking to get involved in an activity, talk with your editor to work something out.

7. What can I do on staff?

Whatever you’re interested in doing. The Towerlight covers virtually all media. You could shot video, take photos, write stories or edit content.

8. How can being a part of staff benefit me?

For any aspiring journalist, the Towerlight is a great way to jump-start your resume. It’s a way for you to start putting your skills to the test and get it out into the world as a reference when later job hunting. For non-journalism majors, the Towerlight is a great way to spend your time and give back to the campus. Every little thing you could contribute counts.

Have any more questions? Stop by the Towerlight Office.

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