Nonlinear Project

The Towerlight is Towson’s student-run paper. The Towerlight is a complex organization with many different parts. There are proofreaders, there are writers, there are photographers, there are section editors, video editors, online editors and many other positions.

Each role is just as important as the last. The Towerlight would not run as smoothly as it does without each member of staff.

One of the most important factors of being on the Towerlight staff is being able to move around and absorb things that are going on around you, not just stick to the news that goes on right where you are. Staff members travel all over campus to deliver their news.

Production nights are some of the most important times for the Towerlight. It’s where the whole paper finally comes together and gets edited before the final product can be sent to the printers. It can get to be stressful at times. Take a look [New slideshow] at production nights with the Towerlight and learn about what gets done.

The Towerlight offers a way to get started in the journalism world and make yourself known, gradually. Editor-In-Chief Daniel Gross talks about his journey to becoming the head of the paper.

Journalists can be very sneaky in their work. Watch some of them in action and learn about what members of staff do.

Interested in joining staff, or still have some questions about Baltimore’s no. 1 student-run paper? Here’s all you need to know.


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