Let Me Hear You Scream

Mike Knuble tosses puck

Mike Knuble tosses a puck to the fans after being selected as one of the three stars of the game.

As with every sports team, the fans have certain cheers that are said throughout the game. Some are at certain times, others are just customary chants. It’s very important, if you’re going to go to a game, to be in the know. Here’s a rough overview of the top things that Caps fans shout during games and some of the in-game videos that are always played:

1. The Opener

Every team has an opening video. After the opening, the Caps’ starting lineup is announced. Obviously, it’s customary to cheer and support the starters and the rest of the team.

2. The National Anthem

While most people know the national anthem, Caps fans add their own twist. During the “Rocket’s red glare…” fans shout “red,” and during “Oh say does that star spangled…” fans shout “O” to represent the Baltimore fanhood to the Orioles baseball team.

3. The Horn Guy

“The Horn Guy” is an iconic fan who comes to every Caps game. Him and “Goat,” another iconic fan, often start up the infamous “Let’s Go Caps!” chant. The Horn Guy starts the chant with three consecutive blows of his horn, to which fans will respond with the chant. Goat just belts out, “Let’s Go Caps” and the fans echo. His voice can sometimes be heard when watching at home. Another popular chant is “C-A-P-S, Caps, Caps, Caps!” This chant is usually started by random fans throughout the arena and not one specific person.

4. Goal Celebration

When the Caps score, the goal song is played. However, what makes the Caps’ goal celebration unique to others is that after the goal has been announced, fans count off the goals scored followed by, “All your fault!” directed at the opposing goaltender.

5. Opposing Team’s Goal

When the opposing team scores, after the goal has been announced, fans shout, “Who cares!” While this chant has received criticism, the idea is not that fans don’t care that a goal was scored because, obviously, everyone does, but instead that they don’t care who scored it.

6. The Bird Call

Whenever an old member of the team returns to Verizon Center, fans will chant the “bird call.” Basically, they chant, “Whoop, whoop!” constantly while the player: A) has control of the puck or B) is just on the ice in general. The amount of whooping is determined by how hated the player is that is returning. For instance, when former Caps defenseman Sergei Gonchar returns, the chant goes on almost the entire time he’s on the ice.

7. Hazing the Refs

Usually, after a ref makes a “horrible” call (either misses an infraction that should be a penalty, doles out a penalty to the wrong person or someone who didn’t do anything illegal, disallows a Caps goal, or something else along those lines), Caps fans will chant, “Refs you suck!”

8. Wings

The Washington Capitals have teamed up with Glory Days Grill for a promotion. If the Caps are able to score five or more goals in a single game at home, all fans in attendance will receive a free half-dozen order of chicken wings from from Glory Days when they present their ticket stub. When the Caps score their fourth goal, fans start chanting “We want wings!”

9. Unleash the Fury

If there’s one chant you learn before going to a game, it’s “Unleash the Fury.” Quite possibly one of the loudest, most exciting chants at Caps games, Unleas the Fury is played once a game. At the end of the in-game video, you’ll know when it comes, just shout along with the video, “Unleash the Fury!”

10. End of Game

At the end of the game, the three stars of the game are announced. Basically, just cheer if the end result is a Caps win.

Whether you remember these cheers or not, the most important thing is to just scream and cheer on the hometown boys.


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